Lavender Northwest is an organization created for the purpose of showcasing and promoting lavender grown in the Pacific Northwest. It draws upon established regional expertise in lavender cultivation, preparation of primary lavender products, and incorporation of lavender into value-added products. Through collaborative promotional opportunities, as well as focused educational efforts, Lavender Northwest intends to serve its members by offering extended reach to potential consumers, by expanding technical and business knowledge, and by providing support for interested individuals and developing lavender businesses. Dedicated to the interests of regional lavender growers and product-makers, the organization is structured as a nonprofit corporation, and evolved through the cooperation of its progenitors, the Oregon Lavender Association (OLA) and the Washington Lavender Association (WLA). 

Primary goals include:

  • Promoting lavender as a viable, thriving agri-business in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Encouraging the general public’s interest in lavender and lavender products.
  • Educating the public about potentially beneficial properties and applications of lavender.
  • Supporting the propagation of lavender and the development of new cultivars.
  • Contributing to the body of knowledge regarding successful lavender cultivation.
  • Raising awareness of Northwest lavender by promoting LNW member farms, stores, events, and products throughout the year.
  • Encouraging a spirit of mutual support and knowledge-sharing.
  • Providing educational opportunities and reliable information distribution for the members.


Lavender Northwest envisions a collaborative, mutually-supportive community of NW businesses and services that provide outstanding lavender-focused products, education, and agricultural experiences, thereby showcasing the NW as the home of exceptional lavender resources in the United States.

Mission Statement

Lavender Northwest promotes the general recognition of the Pacific Northwest as an outstanding region for lavender in the United States.