Dried Lavender


This includes dried lavender bunches, wreaths, and bulk bud for use in crafting (look under food for culinary lavender)

Essential Oil & Hydrosol


Essential oils and hydrosols produced by our member farms in the Pacific Northwest.

Event Venues


Want to have an event (weddings, meetings, celebrations, more)? You can find places here.



Lavender to use for cooking

For Professionals


Supplies, equipment, resources for professional growers.

For the Home


There are so many ways to use lavender in your home. As sachets, pillows, stuffed animals, or cleaning and decorating.

Personal Care


Here you can find soaps, lotions, cremes, bath bombs, a whole lot of delightful lavender items for your body.



Lavender plants of many species and varieties offered by our member farms.

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Lavender Brownie Mix-Free Shipping!

This Gourmet Chocolate Lavender Brownie Mix is a rich fudgy style brownie with a sweet note of lavender. If you’ve…


Lavender Lemonade -Free Shipping!

Lavender Lemonade is just like fresh-squeezed lemonade, “sweet, refreshing” lavender lemonade mix, made with culinary lavender will match any Country…


Lavender Scone Mix- Free Shipping!

This gourmet handcrafted scone mix offers a unique combination of flavors. Top it off with your favorite preserves and serve…


Lavender Shortbread –Free Shipping!

Lavender Shortbread Cookie Mix The world’s best fresh-baked lavender shortbread cookies start with our premium mix. For crisp, buttery cookies…


Lavender Simple Syrup-Free Shipping

Lavender simple syrup 21 oz glass container with pump. Try our delightful lavender simple syrup to flavor your coffee, add…