Northwest Lavender Destination

Lavender Fields Forever

Experience  the beauty and serenity of our working lavender farm. We cultivate 7 exceptional varieties of white, pink and blue/purple lavender for culinary use, crafting, and essential oil production.

Learn – join our Lavender Distillation Demo’s or take one of our many classes. Class topics include hands-on experience of harvesting and distillation, propagation, making your own Lavender crafts and much more…

Enjoy – the sunshine, sights and scents of Lavender and the gorgeous Applegate Valley at the annual Southern Oregon lavender festivals in June and July or schedule an event on the property, attend one of our events, or make a reservation to join us on open weekends.  Check our website for details.

Shop – our unique collection of hand-crafted  lavender products at our online store or shop in-person at our farmstand located in our one-of-a-kind barn on the farm.

  • Region Oregon - West
  • Destination Offerings Allow appointments for photographers or painters
    Blooming lavender fields
    Fresh-cut or dried lavender bundles
    Instructional classes on lavender cultivation or applications
    Lavender Distillation
    Lavender essential oil - hydrosol - or other fragrance products
    Lavender plants for purchase
    Limited food and/or beverages
    On-site store with products featuring northwest-grown lavender
    Periodic festivals vendors live music
    Picnic Area
    U-pick lavender
    Venue and wedding services
  • Open Dates & Business Hours We are open June 25-27 and July 16-18 lavender festivals - all other dates require reservation via our website calendar.

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