Herbal Moth Sachets

Chris Mulder, Barn Owl Nursery

Herbal moth sachets are a nice alternative to chemicals and moth balls. They are a
natural way of repelling moths from your wool clothes, blankets and yarn. Some of the most
fragrant herbs will mask the wool odor and can be used as a moth repellent. However, these
herbs will not kill the insects. For the best results, use herbal moth sachets only with clean
woolens that are ready to store away for the season. Moth sachets will help to prevent new
infestations, but they will not control existing problems. They also provide a nice fragrance to
your clothes, drawers and closets.

The herb leaves and flowers, and the spices used in these sachets, should be whole or
cut in large pieces so that they do not sift through the sachet fabric onto your woolens. Do not
use powdered, herbs and spices in these mixes. Listed below are several combinations of
some of the most effective herbs and spices that repel moths. If you add essential oil, be sure to
stir it evenly into the dried herbs and spices, before filling the moth sachets and you will have an
even stronger moth repellent.

Mix all the ingredients well, in a glass or ceramic bowl, using stainless steel spoons.
All the utensils used should be washed well after each use, especially if you use them for food.
Note: I do not use plastic to mix or store any of the ingredients that I use for my moth sachets.

Suggestions for herbal moth blends to make yourself:

2 c rosemary leaves, 1 c lavender flowers
10 drops rosemary essential oil and 10 drops lavender essential oil

4 c lavender flowers, 2 c rosemary leaves
30 drops lavender essential and 5 drops rosemary essential oil

Equal amounts of: pennyroyal leaves, rosemary leaves, thyme leaves, whole cloves

Equal amounts of: cut cinnamon bark, lavender flowers, lemon verbena leaves,
rosemary leaves and cut sandalwood

Equal amounts of: whole cloves, rosemary leaves and thyme leaves

Equal amounts of: pennyroyal leaves, tansy leaves, thyme leaves, wormwood leaves, with
3 T cut cinnamon bark and 1 T whole cloves

Reusable, drawstring muslin bags work very well for moth sachets. They are easy to fill
with dried herb leaves, flowers and spices and they close tightly. You may also use colorful,
tightly woven fabric cut in different shapes and sew your own sachet bags. Pouches made of
thin paper are also available. These pouches are open on one side and designed to seal with a
hot iron after you fill them.

Place several moth sachets in each drawer with your wool cloths and on your linen
closet shelves or in chests that hold your wool blankets. Place moth sachets with your yarn and
knitting supplies and in the closets that hold your wool coats. Use more than one moth sachet
in a closet. For example, place the moth sachets in the pockets and on the hanger near the
collar of each wool coat.

Several of the businesses listed on this website sell many of the supplies that are
needed to make herbal moth sachets. They may also sell herbal moth products that are ready to use.