Chris Mulder, Barn Owl Nursery


If you are planning to incorporate lavender into your garden this year, consider adding a variety of lavenders to add interest and fragrance to your garden all year long.  Even when they are not blooming, lavenders will add different textures, colors and fragrances to your landscape with their foliage all year long, as well as with their flowers in the summer months. 


Lavenders with very silver-grey foliage can make a statement in the garden before and after they bloom.  The silver foliage stands out in the daylight and glows at dusk and in the moonlight.

The silvery shrubs look nice in the winter months, too! 

Many of the pink flowering and light violet or light blue lavender flowers will add contrast and blend in easily with the darker colored lavender flowers and the dark foliage and flowers in your landscape.  Some of these lavenders produce especially sweet scented lavender flowers and essential oils, too.  

Consider a unique array of flower and foliage colors and fragrances that you can add to your landscape by including some of these hardy lavenders in your garden.  


Lavenders with the most silver-grey foliage:  Ana Luisa, Jennifer, Lisa Marie, Richard Grey, Silver Frost, Silver Sands


Lavenders with the greenest foliage: 
Blue Cushion, Hidcote Pink, Pink/Jean Davis, Premier


Lavenders with light violet or light blue flowers:  Cedar Blue, Croxton’s Wild, Graves, Martha Roderick, Melissa Lilac, Victorian Amethyst


Lavenders with a sweet fragrance:  Blue Mountain White, Brabant Blue, Chelsea Pink, Coconut Ice, Fiesta, Hidcote Pink, Lady Ann, Little Lottie, Lullaby Blue, Melissa, Melissa Lilac, New Zealand Blue, Opal Rain, Pacific Pink, Pink/Jean Davis, Seal Seven Oaks, White Dwarf


Author: OLA