Essential oils and hydrosols produced by our member farms in the Pacific Northwest.

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Lavender Essential Oils

We distill by variety, which means we have a number of different oils and at different prices. Our essential oil…
$4.25 $30.95

RavenCroft Hydrosol

Hydrosol is a common name given to the water fraction obtained during steam distillation of lavender and other essential oil…
$4 $13

RavenCroft Lavandin Oil Blends

Custom blends of steam-distilled essential oil from RavenCroft’s selection of Lavandula x intermedia cultivars, commonly known as lavandins.  Unlike their L. angustifolia forebears, the…
$8 $15

RavenCroft Lavender Breeze Roll-ons

Custom blends of selected RavenCroft lavender essential oils (L. angustifolia type) with other complementary oils, ready for quick, roll-on application whenever…

RavenCroft Lavender Garden Blends

Custom blends of selected RavenCroft lavender essential oils with oils from other plant species, evoking summery garden hide-aways in exotic parts…

RavenCroft Lavender Oil Blends

Custom and natural blends of steam-distilled essential oils from the wide variety of RavenCroft L. angustifolia cultivars.  Careful blending brings out unique…
$11 $22

Steam-distilled Lavender Essential

We steam-distill several varieties of essential oil, from the plants on our farm. We offer 5ml, 10ml and 15ml bottles.
$10 $21