Mixes for baking your own lavender scones, shortbread, cookies, etc.

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Lavender Brownie Mix-Free Shipping!

This Gourmet Chocolate Lavender Brownie Mix is a rich fudgy style brownie with a sweet note of lavender. If you’ve…


Lavender Lemonade -Free Shipping!

Lavender Lemonade is just like fresh-squeezed lemonade, “sweet, refreshing” lavender lemonade mix, made with culinary lavender will match any Country…


Lavender Scone Mix- Free Shipping!

This gourmet handcrafted scone mix offers a unique combination of flavors. Top it off with your favorite preserves and serve…


Lavender Shortbread –Free Shipping!

Lavender Shortbread Cookie Mix The world’s best fresh-baked lavender shortbread cookies start with our premium mix. For crisp, buttery cookies…


Lavender Simple Syrup-Free Shipping

Lavender simple syrup 21 oz glass container with pump. Try our delightful lavender simple syrup to flavor your coffee, add…