Annual Oregon Lavender Photo Contest

Official Contest Rules and Submission Guidelineslavender_field
Submission deadline: Each year on August 1
Official Contest Rules:


  1. Contest open to both amateur and professional photographers.
  2. Fee for contest submission is $20 per photographer for a maximum of five images submitted as a digital file and an optional printed form.
  3. Photos must be taken within the previous 2 years to qualify.
  4. Photos must be lavender themed and may contain animals, people or structures.
  5. Written permission from any identifiable persons in the photo must be filed with payment and the printed submission.
  6. Photos will be accepted only from the original photographer who must be sole author and the copyright owner of photos submitted.
  7. Photos must have been taken in any public accessible area within the boundaries of Oregon Lavender Destination sites which have given their permission as per the list on the Oregon Lavender Photo Contest website.
  8. Appointments must be made with the owners before entering the property.
  9. If submission requirements are not followed, the application and images will not be judged.
  10. Elements or objects not in original scene should not be added. Printing or writing on viewable area of photo is not allowed.
  11. Entry fees (credit card or paypal) are payable to Oregon Lavender Association at the time of the upload; photos uploaded on or before August 1st are considered in the current year’s contest. Photos uploaded after 1 August are automatically entered into the next year’s contest.
  12. Only uploaded photos will be accepted: slides and email photos will not be judged.
  13. Winning entries will be displayed at the Lavender Festival the year following the submission. Photographers are welcome to submit an optional printed version of their photos for display; if they choose not to provide a print, the Lavender Association will print the entry for display. Entries will be judged on photographic merit by a professional photographer. The judge’s decision is final.

Optional Photographic Copy to be Submitted for Display:


  1. Prints must be securely mounted on matte board only. Any color is acceptable – thickness of matting and photo not to exceed 1/4 inch.
  2. Submission information must be attached to the upper right corner on the back of the matt board.
  3. Prints may be any size not to exceed 16-by-20 inches overall.
  4. Mailing back of printed entries can be accommodated if an envelope with return postage is included with the submission.


Digital File Submission

Digital file submissions are required.