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READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS – they are important to the success of your listing

Acceptable Listings
These listings are intended to inform the public about specific Northwest lavender-related events, as opposed to regular visiting hours for farms and shops. Appropriate listings include festivals, season-openings, classes & demonstrations, off-season holiday shopping, guided tours, and other special events. The duration of a single posting is limited to three (3) consecutive calendar dates. Recurring events are permissible, but must be entered individually by the member.

Copy and Image Accuracy
It is your responsibility to make sure the event is correct and the picture works (the details for images are below*, please use these guidelines or your image won’t display correctly). Be sure to double check the accuracy of each posting with regard to the event’s description, categorizations, and logistical details. The volunteers at Lavender Northwest will not be available for editing.

If you don’t specify the Location or the Category of your event it will be left out when people search on those fields.

All public inquiries or complaints about a specific Events Calendar listing will be referred directly to the submitting member.

Event Removal
Lavender Northwest will remove any event posting that is not tangibly related to the theme of Northwest-grown lavender, and specifically to the submitting member’s lavender farm or business (with an exception for events pertaining to the LNW organization itself). Furthermore, Lavender Northwest reserves the right to terminate an individual member’s event-posting privileges based on non-adherence to our Terms & Conditions of Use.

Lavender Northwest assumes no liability for any calendar postings, so please make sure what you are posting is correct (you can edit them after posting).

*Note regarding images: Please upload images that are no larger than 1 MB each. Ideal size is approximately 900px wide by 600px tall.