Essential Oil Room Mist Blends
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Essential Oil Room Mist Blends

These proprietary blends have been carefully selected with all natural botanicals and essential oils. All lavender-based room sprays are created with lavender grown and distilled on our farm in Oregon.


Choose from Lavender, Lavender & Citrus, and Lavender & Cedar, Lavender & Amber and Lavender & Mint Blends.



Lavender – smooth and clear, reminiscent of a warm summer’s day. Suggested use in a living room, bedroom, laundry room or in the car.


Lavender & Citrus – refreshing, uplifting, and fresh.  Use in a kitchen, bathroom or spa.

Lavender & Amber – velvety, deep and rich. Layers of scent. Use in a den, office, living rooms or for special occasions.

Lavender & Cedar – woodsy, warm and mellow. A walk in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Use in office, den or family room.

Lavender & Mint – refreshing and uplifting. Use for travel, kitchen, bathroom, or spa.


Sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz amber glass fine mist sprayer