Grosso Lavender Essential Oil
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Offering essential oils from 5-100 mL size, ‘Grosso’ is a widely popular variety of lavender known for it’s extremely large and beautiful display of flowers and vibrantly robust aroma. Lavandula x-intermedia varieties are a cross between an English Lavender and Spike Lavender. They are often some of the hardiest varieties for Western WA, and produce a distinctly strong yet sweet and balanced essential oil that is commonly used in sprays, lotions, room diffusers, diluted in roller-balls as a lovely natural “perfume” and in soap making. It tends to repel insects with it’s high levels of camphor and is known to be rather soothing and calming. Grosso is one of the most popular oils sold here on the farm.

We slowly steam distilling several of our lavender varieties including Grosso, Hidcote Giant, Dutch Mill, Fred Boutin, Royal Velvet and Folgate. It takes nearly 2 hours to release all of the beautiful lavender oil from the flowers. Two ingredients are created from the steam; the hydrosol or lavender linen water and lavender essential oil. They both are lovely products and have a variety of uses! We hope you get a chance to try them out!