Lavender Northwest is an organization created for the purpose of showcasing and promoting lavender grown in the Pacific Northwest. It draws upon established regional expertise in lavender cultivation, preparation of primary lavender products, and incorporation of lavender into value-added products. Through collaborative promotional opportunities, as well as focused educational efforts, Lavender Northwest intends to serve its members by offering extended reach to potential consumers, by expanding technical and business knowledge, and by providing support for interested individuals and developing lavender businesses. Dedicated to the interests of regional lavender growers and product-makers, the organization is structured as a nonprofit corporation, and evolved through the cooperation of its progenitors, the Oregon Lavender Association (OLA) and the Washington Lavender Association (WLA). We invite you to join our efforts to expand, improve, and promote the outstanding lavender resources of the Pacific Northwest.

Which type of membership in Lavender Northwest is right for me?

Choose one of the following descriptions that best suits your interests and intentions:

Associate Membership

I support the efforts of Lavender Northwest to promote awareness and expansion of regional lavender growers and product developers. I may have a potential business interest involving northwest-grown lavender. (Note: businesses that provide materials and supplies to Northwest lavender growers and product developers also fit into this category of membership.)

Professional Membership

I operate a business with direct ties to lavender grown in the Pacific Northwest, either as a grower, primary product supplier (plants, bunches, buds, oils, etc.), or as a product developer featuring northwest-grown lavender.